A Truck on the Horizon

Truck Purchase: Ford, Dodge or Chevy?

I can’t seem to find a vehicle other than a truck that will be able to pull a travel trailer without constantly worrying about the weight of the rig.  Therefore, I am moving on and closing the possibility of even light weight or smaller trucks.  I just have to find a good 1/2 ton pickup truck and that is all there is to it.ford truck

I am now moving forward with either Dodge, Ford or Chevrolet.  I was able to eliminate Nissan and Toyota for different reasons.  I felt the Nissan trucks towing capacity were a little to close to my limit and the Toyotas are just expensive compared to Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet.  These trucks without any type of additional equipment appear to haul 7000 pounds and with some add on products can do much better.dodge truck

The challenge is now to get the truck for under $20,000 which means used.  It is not possible to get a new truck at all and so the used market will now hold my attention.  The other issue is whether I can get away with just an extended cab or do I need four door handles?  I’m not sure, but on with the research.  I think all of the trucks look great.  The gas mileage appears to be about the same and the quality is similar.chevrolet truck

Perhaps, I will have to solve the four door issue and then work on V8 vs. V6 vs. Diesel.  For now the journey continues and I will keep you ‘posted’

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