Winter at the Beach

Winter Beach with Jackets We decided to go to the beach during the winter months for vacation.  It has worked out well the last few years that we have gone.  Elizabeth and I love the beach.  Andrew thinks it is pretty neat, too.  One of the best benefits of the beach during the winter months is that you get to pay less than half the amount you have to during the summer. Also, you have the beach almost to yourself.…

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Andrew and the Snowman


Making a Snowman What is it about the wintertime that makes it so easy to forget the cold and warm up to the snow?  Could it be that you can make a snowman, or throw snowballs? I love the winter.  If it is going to be cold though, I want snow.  Unlike most times of the year, the colder isn’t always the better. You have to be able to do something with the snow and powder just doesn’t work well. …

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