Sunday Night With Wine

Glass of wineWell, it’s Sunday night. I decided tonight I would just go ahead and have a nice glass of wine and relax as the week ends.  I have decided that there are a few things I need to change. One of those things is getting into some more healthy routine’s. Seems that if I just get myself to do the things that are more healthy such as eating better and regular exercise, that I won’t have to worry about doing things randomly to try to make it work.

So as I sit here this evening sipping on a bottle of decent wine I am making plans to make sure that I can just do things that make me a better human inside and out.



TV Without Cable- Hello Amazon Fire

Amazon Fire

Over the last 7 years, Elizabeth and I have tried to figure out how to keep the television without the clutter that isn’t good for children.  Amazon Fire TV was the best decision.  After all, Andrew doesn’t deserve to watch any commercials.  He doesn’t have the tools to fight the deceptive psychological games that television uses to make people spend yet.  We just didn’t want it anymore.  So, we went cold turkey and stopped all program television.  No satellite.  No cable companies.  We would start with Netflix.

Netflix on its own is not the best.  After a few months, we ran through everything and starting watching things over and over.  We then added Prime (Amazon TV).  This was great because it kept updating and creating new programs.  However, we wanted a little more for Andrew as he got older and we launched Hulu.  We now have all three and it costs us under $400.00 a year for unlimited usage.

I love it.  Television after all is just a diversion and I already like enough shows to see my friends.  That’s right, friends.  I love Frasier, Stargate Atlantis, Top Gear, Cheers, Star Trek Voyager and Z Nation.  These are the friends I come and see an hour or two a day.

We have all found that without the advertisements all of the time, we are more comfortable.  The manipulative nature of trying to get someone to buy something all of the time is creepy.  Cut the cord!  The best one to start with in our opinion is the easiest because it comes with a lot of perks.  Amazon TV.  You can get prime by ordering something you already were going to buy and you get free shipping and a year of Amazon Prime.  Even if you don’t get the free throw in, you can just pay the modest year payment and sit back and be free from the monthly kick in the butt cable bill.

I wonder what will happen in the future of television.  They need the advertising to make it work and online television on demand programming has little, if any.  I don’t miss it and you won’t either.  Plus, with the Fire TV for such a small price that allows Wi-Fi no cord broadcasting, you can’t go wrong.  We bought a Fire TV device nearly 4 years ago and it still works great.  The picture is great.  It is awesome.  Plus it has the other apps so you don’t miss anything.  You get Netflix and Hulu with Prime.

Whether you want the Fire TV Stick or the Fire TV, with greater picture detail, you can’t make a mistake.  Andrew is downstairs watching cartoons, while I am upstairs watching James May on Top Gear (the older the Top Gear the better).  I like being frugal.  I enjoy less bills. It was a no-brainer.  Just plug it in and use the broadband you already have in your home to watch tv.  We broke down and bought a wifi router about 7 years ago and it still keeps up with all of our televisions.  What you don’t want is a poor quality router.  You will need the power and the bandwidth if you want to run multiple televisions at once.

For now, I am looking at things like PlayStation TV and it just doesn’t make sense.  Otherwise, just get Dish Network and stick with the more than a $1000.00 a year for a few hour diversion per day.

Good luck in switching.  It can be difficult because we are all used to spending an hour a day flipping through programs we never want to watch.  It becomes a part of our lives.  Kicking this bad habit can take time.  You can do it.