Laundry Blows and That’s the Truth

Laundry Blows and That’s the Truth

Just Do It Already

Doing laundry is tedious, boring and absolutely necessary.  I hate doing laundry like you do.  I should clarify.  I have folding laundry just like you.  I mean, putting the dirty clothes in a washer and then in a dryer is relatively easy and doesn’t take much time.  So, if you are complaining about this aspect of laundry, you obviously aren’t doing the real work.

The Folding!

Everything is always inside out and needs to be turned right side in.  I’m not sure how it is that this happens to every piece of clothing, especially pants, but it does.  And, did I forget to mention that as soon as your done, there is always more to do.  It is a never ending pain in the bottom.

Who cares?  We all do it, after all.  True and not so true.  What I have learned over my 30 years of doing laundry is easy, simple and true, but I can’t seem to use this information.  The more clothes you have, the more time you will spend doing laundry.  If you can’t wear anything more than once, you also make life much more difficult.  

It is all about what you need and not what you want. It seems to be this simple yet difficult mind set to follow.  The more clothes you have, the more laundry you will do.  The less clothes you have the more likely you will take better care of your clothes.  However, when we buy a ton of clothes, we can go weeks without doing any folding, washing or drying.  Sounds great.  Nope.  Sounds like a weekend of laundry.

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