Best Reasonably Priced Tow Vehicle

Nissan Tow Vehicle-  The Armada

Am I going to get a travel trailer?  Probably.  Are we going to want to live in it and be happy?  I don’t know.  It doesn’t really matter unless we move towards finding out.  And that means we need a vehicle that can pull a travel trailer.  Right now, we have a Nissan Pathfinder with a CVT and V6 and it isn’t a bad tow vehicle.  According to Nissan, this vehicle can pull up to 5,000 pounds, but I have concerns about a CVT based on the manufacturer giving us an extended warranty.  Plus, 5000 pounds isn’t much weight and we need to be comfortable.

With all of the types of trailers, I think it is possible to get a fully loaded travel trailer and keep it around 5,000 pounds, but that is the Pathfinder limit.  When I look out there in the world of tow vehicles, the only non trucks that make some sense are the giant SUVs such as the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban.  Or Ford has the Expedition and a few other models of this type of caliber, but they are all crazy expensive.

Part of the travel trailer life style is to be frugal and these vehicles are anything but.  We can look at 5 Vehicles that make some economical sense and can still pull some weight.

Pathfinders should be considered.  As should Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango, Nissan Armada and a Toyota Sequoia.  These are the vehicles I believe have the best bank for your buck, but it is difficult to choose when the 4 door trucks that pull more weight and have a bed to haul extra items are within reach.

For now, the hunt goes on…

Elizabeth is Still Full of Mucus

Sickly Mucus Filled Lady

So here we are on day three of a mucus nightmare and we are getting it under control.  Elizabeth can breath through her nose, but the damage has been done.  Her sense of taste comes and goes and her right side sinuses are still sensitive.  However, based on where we were two days ago, times are good.

Oh, yes, looking back to Thursday and the ear pain and constant pain of blowing her nose have passed.  Her nose may still be full of junk, but not like the train of mucus it once was.

We decided to take it easy for a few days and use some old time methods of relaxation.  Just watching some television and eating out.  For now, Elizabeth is getting through the crud as both Andrew and I have.  

Soon, we may get a week since Christmas where one of us isn’t throwing up, stuck in bed with a fever or blowing our noses.  It appears this happens each year about December and sticks around until Spring.  Could it be the school year? Yes!  Can we do anything about it at this point?  No.  But, this two may have a solution.

Locking up a bunch of children all together every year through the winter, in a mucus filled school,  is certainly a recipe for getting the whole country sick every year. And, who am I to suggest that we can’t change this awful practice of bad hygiene institutional stupidity.  Does anyone really think this is a good idea?  If you do think it is a good idea, is it because you have to work? or is it because, placing all of the 5 year olds in the county in the same buildings sounds like a good way to keep them all less sick for three months of hell.  Oh, well, I am getting down off my box and moving on.  Hoping and knowing that this season of joy shall soon pass.

Darn Flu- Elizabeth Caught It

Is it the Flu?

At 2:00 a.m., the worst of the cold from hell struck Elizabeth. Yes, it is the flu.  Confirmed.  What started out for Andrew as the sniffles and then ten days of snot infested mayhem, has moved on to its next victim, Elizabeth.  From mucus infestation to infections of the ears and sinus cavities,  she is miserable.

Elizabeth without the fluThis winter is the worst by far that we have seen.  We already had the confirmed Flu.  I went out and just wanted to see why my throat was getting scratchy, just in case and the next thing I know my doctor is giving me Tamiflu and telling me to pray.  It wasn’t too bad for the week, but then Elizabeth had it and she didn’t fair as well.  Andrew probably gave it to us, as he has been sick on and off since before Christmas.  Yes, we all had the flu shot and I believe that is why Andrew and I faired very well, and Elizabeth was the unlucky one.

Why can’t we just call the flu season, school season.  It can’t be a coincidence that we have so many illnesses around the holidays when you give our little ones two months to pass around all of the germs they gathered and then released on each other.  Every year it is the same.  They go to school and within two months, our children are sick for about 6 weeks off and on until, the spring hits.

I decided to include a nice picture of me and Elizabeth, as I am sure any photo I could take right now would be unfair.  For now, we are hoping that this will pass as well, thanks to big Pharma and our doctor’s prescription pad. Yes, we like pharmaceuticals and appreciate the hard work that scientists continue to do each day.  Of course, it costs a lot and we can’t make them, so we are willing to pay the price.

Winter at the Beach

Winter Beach with Jackets

We decided to go to the beach during the winter months for vacation.  It has worked out well the last few years that we have gone.  beach in the winterElizabeth and I love the beach.  Andrew thinks it is pretty neat, too.  One of the best benefits of the beach during the winter months is that you get to pay less than half the amount you have to during the summer.

Also, you have the beach almost to yourself.   The sun is still wonderful, but you have to wear a jacket, if you want to play for a while.  beach jackets

I find the view of the ocean almost mesmerizing and the sound intoxicating.

Millions of years of crashing the shells into dust is impressive.  We rented a balcony ocean view this time and splurged.  It was worth it.  I slept out on the Balcony one night and braved the cold and wind.  It was worth it.

Andrew didn’t like the fact that we could only go into the water up to our knees and for just a short period of time.

There isn’t as much to do, but it is very peaceful and great to be with Elizabeth and Andrew in such a beautiful place.

Andrew and the Snowman

Snowman and AndrewMaking a Snowman

What is it about the wintertime that makes it so easy to forget the cold and warm up to the snow?  Could it be that you can make a snowman, or throw snowballs? I love the winter.  If it is going to be cold though, I want snow.  Unlike most times of the year, the colder isn’t always the better.

You have to be able to do something with the snow and powder just doesn’t work well.  Andrew is picking up some packing material while I get ready to trim.  If there is one thing more important than winter without snow, I can’t think of it!  Oh wait! what about hills.  Here around our home the hills are not big enough to do anything with but sit in your sled and push.  I remember the days when I was growing up and we had hills that were scary and fast.  When the snow would come down and school was cancelled we would be out in the storm packing down the paths on the hills.  This would just about make it like ice by the next morning.  I also remember a lot of kids to play with.  It was great fun.

For now, we will have to do without the hills.  Its okay, because in a few years we will find a place that has a few mountain like hills and hopefully a lot of kids to help make it come alive with fun.  Anyways, with just a hoodie and gloves, it is pretty easy to have a good time making our snowman comes alive.  Don’t forget your dog water bowl for a hat.  Just don’t let the snowman think he can get that kind of bling, when it comes time for his suit. After all, the best part about the snow is it is free and costs nothing to enjoy it.