Ruby Tuesday Takes the Win for Dinner

Ruby Tuesday Takes the Win for Dinner

Food for Thought at Ruby Tuesday

I just don’t know why it is so difficult to cook dinner and lunch each day, but I have to make a better effort.  It seems that I get caught up in things and lose track of time too often.  Planning ahead is usually not that difficult, but when it comes to eating lunch and dinner, I would hope to do a little better.

So for dinner this evening, it will have to be Ruby Tuesday salad.  They make a pretty good salad as do many restaurants do these days.  However, the price is a little more than you would expect.   How could something so cheap cost so much.

Elizabeth figures that when you try to buy all of the items it costs a lot and you either eat salad for a week, or let the rest of it rot.  When it comes to salad that seems about right.  I will work more this week to get some good meals cooking.

I’m thinking crock pot chili for at least a few meals.  For now, I’ll keep you ‘posted’.

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