Sunday Night With Wine

Glass of wine

Well, it’s Sunday night. I decided tonight I would just go ahead and have a nice glass of wine and relax as the week ends.  I have decided that there are a few things I need to change. One of those things is getting into some more healthy routine’s. Seems that if I just get myself to do the things that are more healthy such as eating better and regular exercise, that I won’t have to worry about doing things…

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Tired of Eating Out

Stay in or Eating Out Stuck in a world of convenience?  What is convenient about food that someone else makes?  When eating out the food is always filled with fat and salt.  It is always washed by chemicals and prepared in bulk.  It costs a lot and takes longer to get than it would be to just make it ourselves.  But, staying in and making our own meals is too much work and all you have to do is look…

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Elizabeth is Still Full of Mucus

Sickly Mucus Filled Lady So here we are on day three of a mucus nightmare and we are getting it under control.  Elizabeth can breath through her nose, but the damage has been done.  Her sense of taste comes and goes and her right side sinuses are still sensitive.  However, based on where we were two days ago, times are good. Oh, yes, looking back to Thursday and the ear pain and constant pain of blowing her nose have passed. …

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