Cracker Barrel Breakfast

Sunday Morning!

Elizabeth, Andrew and I decided to start out with a fun stop off at Cracker Barrel for some breakfast.  Some great pancakes and bacon for Andrew.  A little of everything for me and a lot of French toast for Elizabeth. It is a new day and a good day.  I’m trying to get more time out of each day and I’m trying to get in front of everything.  This requires getting up a little earlier these days.

Andrew was probably surprised that we were at a restaurant for breakfast on a Sunday, which I am trying to change.  I have to admit, staying in bed a few hours later on the weekends has been the way I usually spend my breakfast time. This morning, Andrew and Elizabeth were already awake and enjoying the morning, like they do everyday and they mentioned Cracker Barrel and I decided to start making some big changes in my life and turning them into great habits.  I want to spend more time with my family, and there is only one way to do that.  I need a new routine.

Cracker Barrel vs. Sleep

Watching Andrew and Elizabeth enjoying the morning at Cracker Barrel is much better and more important than a few hours of sleep.  Andrew playing the golf tee triangle game and Elizabeth taking a few pictures and catching up with me on the latest news felt good.



So, what are we going to do with all of these delicious breakfast foods. Eat them!  And, I’m craving some milk to wash it down.   Unfortunately, for the grits, they didn’t get much of a chance. They are very tasty, but the consistency gets rough as soon as they start to cool.  The bacon on the table had no chance as did most of the eggs.


Elizabeth polished off most of the French toast sharing a whole piece with Andrew who thinks he may like it.  We will see, in a few weeks if he weather he really likes it when we give him the option of choosing it over pancakes or waffles.  It was a good start for an overcast Sunday.  We are going to need this good start to get all of our chores done.  The dogs need a bath.  The dog room needs a scrubbing and  the garage needs organizing and the laundry needs to be completed for the start of a new week.  It isn’t fun, but it feels good when everything gets done.

Happy Sunday!