Baby Miles: Formula With Breastmilk?

Miles eating FormulaIs Formula Okay?

With the delay in leaving the hospital and having small complications with regular new baby fun, breastfeeding was slightly delayed.

We were told by the hospital that supplementing would be needed and we agreed seeing Miles wasn’t getting any reasonable amounts of fluid/food.  It was a no-brainer.  However, it set us up for a more difficult transition to Miles’ new eating habits.

What we had was the normal every hour feeding process, but with pumping breastmilk and still trying to breastfeed.  In other words, an all the time, no time for breaks, feeding after feeding.

Always Eating

What no one tells you is that it takes a lot of time for a newborn to feed on the breast.  When the milk supply is coming in, there isn’t much to eat.  When you have a delay to get the milk supply going, the delay in full milk supply suffers.

So, while you have to take a long time to get a few milliliters of the remaining colostrum, it also takes a while to get the necessary fluid requirements from the formula.  From there Elizabeth has to pump breast milk to get the stimulation she lost and there goes the whole hour.  Back to feeding the baby.

When you couple this with just having given birth, the need for relaxing, sleep, and stress of a crying newborn, it feels like all you do is feed the baby.

Of course, with feeding comes, diapers, comes poops, and wiping, then cleaning, and dishes and laundering all the soiled items.

Always Pooping

What we end up with is the first week without no other memories except eating and pooping, repeating so many times that the days don’t matter and the night time is not any different than the day.

When we get to the two-week point, things start to slow down and the feeding spreads out.  Even the pooping seems to calm down.  But this welcomed relief comes with questions.

Is Miles getting enough food?  Miles isn’t pooping enough, too much?  Does the poop look right?  Is the formula to harsh on his tummy?

We then have a gassy, fussy, baby like all of the babies and his name is Miles.  He is beautiful but scary.  He is wonderful, but a handful.  Thus, with all of the newness of a new baby, I look at Elizabeth and I see a saint.

Normal is Important

As I run around trying to make up for all of the things that need to be done, while I can’t breastfeed or pump food for my Miles, I am in awe of another part of life not shared.

It is normal and important.  The same was and is done for all 7 billion people now living on Earth, but the truth is ignored.

It is tough.  It hurts.  It is difficult and it is real.  And, what it comes down to is simplicity and love.  It turns what I do for work into something less significant, even though necessary.

Learning at 46

Miles, just as Andrew has taught me, shows me life.  A life I currently enjoy and stress out at the same time.  A life where sometimes just having Miles poop after 36 hours of worrying why he hasn’t, makes my life complete and worry-free for a moment.

I would like to know why we gloss over the very nature of how we come to be people.  The growth that comes from so much needed nurturing and giving from parents that don’t typically have the understanding or maturity to do things well.

I find raising a child one of the most difficult tasks in life.  It is also one of the most common and needed.  It eclipses anything society tries to keep us busy with and it can have benefits like nothing we could ever imagine.

Raising Kids: Older or Younger?

I am 46 years old and I work hard every day to make things better.  Like most of us, I strive to be helpful more and more each day.  I find many times that I look out in the world and cannot understand why we can’t be more honest about life.

I feel lucky to have found such a good person in Elizabeth.  She is a better person than I am in a lot of ways; full of love and always seeing good things in what is happening.

As I write this, I can see Elizabeth holding Miles.  Andrew is playing downstairs.  The dogs are quiet in their room and it is peaceful.   A lifetime of hard work and planning to make us worry less about money, but still needing to budget.

A lifetime of hard work to be stable and learn how to make it through the most difficult times and make them good.

I could never have imagined that I would be having children in my 40s.  I always thought I was going to have a family in my 20s.  Now, I can’t imagine it any other way.

Sunday Night With Wine

Glass of wineWell, it’s Sunday night. I decided tonight I would just go ahead and have a nice glass of wine and relax as the week ends.  I have decided that there are a few things I need to change. One of those things is getting into some more healthy routine’s. Seems that if I just get myself to do the things that are more healthy such as eating better and regular exercise, that I won’t have to worry about doing things randomly to try to make it work.

So as I sit here this evening sipping on a bottle of decent wine I am making plans to make sure that I can just do things that make me a better human inside and out.



Exercise with a New Walking Routine

Stepping Out

My basic routine excludes exercise.  I am putting my lazy ways to the test and changing up the way my brain works when it comes to my health.  When I was younger, I used to run everyday.  Now, I am lucky if I walk a few times a week.

I decided to start a new exercise routine.  I am going to walk each day.  That’s right!

Exercise Video

So, here is my video of my first walk.  Man I’m heavy.  I need to get moving and it absolutely shows.  Walking can help, but soon, in a few months, my exercise routine will include a little jogging.  Maybe in a few more months some short runs.  I’m not looking forward to this, but it has to be done.  I have spent too many years with too little exercise.  I tried weights last year at the YMCA and it helped me gain some weight.

There were times I used to run a mile in nine minutes every day.  I thought it was pretty good.  I was at the point where if I missed a day, I would feel bad and have to make it up on the next day.  Now, I find it easier to just sit around than to get out and enjoy the outdoors.  Part of the goal will be to get in shape.  I’m not just trying to lose a few pounds, I need to lose a lot of weight.  I plan on getting into good shape and I’m not unrealistic.  It will take a few months to make a little progress and over a year to obtain my goal.

Hopefully, I can make it for about 20 minutes my first walk.  Walking isn’t very strenuous and I think I should be able to make it work.  Thanks for stopping by and please like and subscribe to my Channel.

Boston Trip/Dream

Green Line – Boston

Looking into taking a trip back to Boston someday.  The whole area is wonderful, clean and full of great people from all over the world.  I think our next trip is going to be to Des Moines, but I can do two things at the same time.  We found a few good Travel Trailers in Iowa and we always wanted to check out the people and the scenery.

Boston is a place of great ideas, strong intelligent people and allows for enjoying everyday life, if you like to be alone surrounded by tons of people.  I do enjoy be a part of something bigger than me.  I think Elizabeth and Andrew will enjoy it as well.  Elizabeth and I have been to Boston, but this next trip will be different.  It is a chance to see if it might be a place to land some day.

For now, I enjoy what life brings, and the interesting and exciting times in the South.  Dreaming of the memories that make life wonderful. It is exciting to think about and I look forward to planning it as well.  Spending some time at a pub behind Fenway, getting off the Green Line at Park Street, or just walking through the farmers market would be fun, even in the rain.

Ruby Tuesday Takes the Win for Dinner

Food for Thought at Ruby Tuesday

I just don’t know why it is so difficult to cook dinner and lunch each day, but I have to make a better effort.  It seems that I get caught up in things and lose track of time too often.  Planning ahead is usually not that difficult, but when it comes to eating lunch and dinner, I would hope to do a little better.

So for dinner this evening, it will have to be Ruby Tuesday salad.  They make a pretty good salad as do many restaurants do these days.  However, the price is a little more than you would expect.   How could something so cheap cost so much.

Elizabeth figures that when you try to buy all of the items it costs a lot and you either eat salad for a week, or let the rest of it rot.  When it comes to salad that seems about right.  I will work more this week to get some good meals cooking.

I’m thinking crock pot chili for at least a few meals.  For now, I’ll keep you ‘posted’.