Winter at the Beach

Winter at the Beach

Winter Beach with Jackets

We decided to go to the beach during the winter months for vacation.  It has worked out well the last few years that we have gone.  beach in the winterElizabeth and I love the beach.  Andrew thinks it is pretty neat, too.  One of the best benefits of the beach during the winter months is that you get to pay less than half the amount you have to during the summer.

Also, you have the beach almost to yourself.   The sun is still wonderful, but you have to wear a jacket, if you want to play for a while.  beach jackets

I find the view of the ocean almost mesmerizing and the sound intoxicating.

Millions of years of crashing the shells into dust is impressive.  We rented a balcony ocean view this time and splurged.  It was worth it.  I slept out on the Balcony one night and braved the cold and wind.  It was worth it.

Andrew didn’t like the fact that we could only go into the water up to our knees and for just a short period of time.

There isn’t as much to do, but it is very peaceful and great to be with Elizabeth and Andrew in such a beautiful place.

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